Womens Denim & Vegan Leather Bi-Color Pants

Regular price ¥39,600

Material: 100% Cotton / Polyester 65% cotton35%

SIZE XS: Waist 67cm in the verge 28cm Inseam 72cm 27.5cm hip 88cm

SIZE S: Waist 70cm in the rise 28cm Inseam 74cm 28cm hip 90cm

Size M: Waist 73cm in the verge 29cm Inseam 76cm 29cm hip 92cm

Bicolor denim pants with a design that combines washed denim and stretch beer gun leather and looks like a psycho boots.

The size notation has been changed from Saturday, June 4, 2022.
S → XS
M → S
L → M

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