Autumn & Winter 2022 Men's & Women's Collection
TOKYO / London


Decadents | John Lawrence Sullivan


John Lawrense Sullivan 2022 Fall / Winter collection focused on looks in lookbook format.
The theme of this season, which expresses not a commercial approach, but also an oozing attitude, is "Decadents". Instead of putting in decadent fashion elements that are often treated, it is a collection that projected the aesthetic created by the loss of morality and health.

A number of crouching silhouettes created from the classic tailoring that JLS has been pursuing. A solid silhouette born from the process of breaking out the daddancing concept carefully and breaking the existing things is represented by this season. The pre -view was narrow, but the amount of the back was increased, and the sleeve was set longer. Epole, shoulder line, button positions, flaps, etc. are placed on the front down, so that the silhouette is emphasized. You can also see decadent virtues in the texture. A napping process with a pill -like texture, a staef fur that looks like a hair, a jacquard with a thread jump ... They are different from flat and clean clothes, and they look somewhat rough and beautiful.

There are many pieces inspired by multiple artists. Inspired by the works created by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota and Mitsuru Sato, the MA-1 jacket, 5 pocket jeans wrapped in the Internet, and a collaboration with YOSHIKO CREATION are created. Shirts, T -shirts, and sweatshirts that boldly printed the poems of Charles Board Rail, a French poet who played an active part in the 19th century, will also appear.

New attempts are lurking everywhere, including knits and jeans that have transplanted Fireman coat buckles, shoes equipped with zip and Vibram sole, and peak drapel jackets, which add a stitching mood. Designer Arashi Yanagawa himself has adopted such industrial elements that he always likes, and has fully expressed his JLS -like character in decadent.