Spring & Summer 2023 Men's & Women's Collection
TOKYO / London


Progress | John Lawrense Sullivan


John Lawrence Sullivan has been evolving by starting a collection production by facing Tayrard and updating structures and details. This season, we continue to challenge new attempts, based on the JLS -like design spirit.

Pants that were created from the method of exploring new compositions by reconstructing and reconstructing traditional rules in dressing and reconstructing them. From the attitude of pursuing functions that can be more effective, we have reached these designs. Taylard jackets, which are asymmetric left and right, are one of the items created from the same way. There is also a shirt that derived from there and repeated the front panel to the front, back, left and right. Depending on how you fasten the buttons, you can arrange a variety of ways to wear, and you can spin bold movements.

You can also see many extra -ime silhouettes. On the tailard jacket with a knit sleeve, styling a thick trouser invites the upper body to a sharper expression. The women's double -brest jacket is set so that the waist position is kept high by raising the position of the flap pocket as a four button. The bomber jacket, which is extremely short, also lurks design intentions aimed at the same effect. Busties and corsets born from staring at denim jackets play a role in further emphasizing such styling.

An item inspired by Anneglet Soltau, a German visual artist who is famous for reconstructing people's faces by collecting photos by stitching, is also represented by this season. Insufficient patchwork specification leather setup, rider's jacket, cut -and -sews that express cracks with opal processing, and spider web knits that can be seen in vintage wear. It has been. In addition, items that allow you to fully feel your unique fetishism, such as a tank top with a reverse pentagram, shirts and cropped tops lying with a cross pattern, will appear everywhere.

From existing denim, which is improving every season, to completely new denim, the representative denim items will be turned into a brand heritage in the future. In addition to the new work mentioned above, the buggy pants, which were inspired by the choreographer Acrum Khan's pants, and released about 7 to 8 years ago, re -eliminated the ideal balance by exaggerating the dough. It will appear.