John Lawrense Sullivan 2023 Fall / Winter Collect, inspired by an American photographer, Irving Pennen's portrait. Modernized by combining materials and details with classic items.

The tailored piece inspired by the subject that appeared in the pen portrait is reminiscent of the darling of the era, such as Marcel Duchamp, Jean Cocteau, and Salvador Dali. Ring zip was developed as accents for various items, such as tailored, Riders and MA-1 jackets. In addition, abstract items such as upper shoes, silver cut -sews, and graphics that combine leopard patterns with a shark sole and the head of a shark head, and a graphic that combines the leopard pattern and moire pattern. In addition, voluminous items such as sneakers boots and thick trousers in collaboration with GROUNDS express strength by showing their feet heavy.

At first glance, the women's double-breast jacket is a men's-like, but you can feel the fetishism with a lace -up reminiscent of a corset on the back. Similarly, skirts, dresses, men's riders jackets, and 5 pocket pants are available. In addition, the fetish mood has been enhanced by styling the tops that cut the waist on the cropped items.