From Saturday, October 7, 2023 to Sunday, October 22, 2023, an event focusing on the Tayrard Jacket, a signature item of John Lawrence Sullivan, will be held at the John Lawrence Sullivan Nakameguro store and Kyoto Fujii Daimaru store. Masu.

From the setup coordination assuming a formal scene to the styling with an edgy edge like John Lawrence Sullivan, all the interior space is filled with a layout based on the jacket of the Fall / Winter 2023 collection.

Also, from the same day, a men's spin surgeon using a ring zip, one of the details that symbolizes the Fall / Winter 2023 collection, will be released.

Please drop in when you come to you.


  • The jackets
  • Hall period: Saturday, October 7, 2023 -October 22nd (Sun)
  • Venue: John Lawrence Sullivan Nakameguro store
    John Lawrence Sullivan Kyoto Fujii Daimaru


[Details of release items]


Wool Satin Spencer Jacket
Color: Black, Brown
Price: ¥ 110,000- (tax included)

Release date: Saturday, October 7th

John Lawrence Sullivan Nakameguro store, Kyoto Fujii Daimaru store, Shinjuku Isetan store, Shibuya PARCO store, official online store, handling select shop (excluding some)

[Inquiries regarding events and release items]
John Lawrence Sullivan
Nakameguro store 03-5428-0068
Kyoto Fujii Daimaru store 075-212-0345