[NEW RELEASE] 24SS YOSHIKO CREATION collaboration accessories

From November 17 (Fri), we will release a new work of the Spring / Summer 2024 collection of "John Lawrense Sullivan X YOSHIKO CREATION". 

John Lawrence Sullivan 2024 Spring / Summer 2024 Collection "Darkdence", which maximizes decadent and dark mood.
The first thing that grew up in the brain of the designer Arashi Yanagawa was the Cedeletz ossuary located in the Czech Czech Kutner Hora, which was visited in 2016. The scenery filled with human bones has a frozen cold air. Various inspiration, such as the Anzerm Keafer's art work, Lithuania Shauray, is intertwined into this collection, and is sublimated into this collection.

In this collaboration, we skillfully layout the bones and crosses of various sizes, and create accessories that incorporate broken pearls that look like human bones. It gives a further depth to the entire collection.

In 1996, he traveled to STUDIO BERCOT (Studio Berseau) in Paris and graduated at President. He studied modeling on his own and became independent after working as an assistant of the Auto Couture Accessories Designer Erik Halley. Designer debut in Colette in Paris in 2001. In addition to continuing to announce collections with a unique symbolic worldview, there are a wide variety of creations, such as providing works to domestic and overseas artists and collaboration. In 2010, he was selected as the 33 -world costume jewelry brand in the "Fashion Jewelry Catwalk and Couture" published by LaurenceKing in the UK.
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Friday, November 17th

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