[RESTOCK] YOSHIKO CREATION collaboration accessories


From Friday, December 2, the accessories of John Lawrence Sullivan X Yoshiko Creation will be released.

In addition to the necklace and ear cuff ring of the body pier -singing motif announced in the spring / summer of 2021, some mix chain necklaces and logo plate necklaces announced in the spring / summer 2022 have been brushed up, and are newly re -emerged as the current standard line. To do.



  • In 1996, he studied at Studio Bercot in Paris, and graduated at the president. He learned modeling on his own and became independent after working as an assistant of Auto Couture Accessories, Erik Halley. Designer debut in Colette in Paris in 2001. In addition to continuing to announce the collection with a unique symbolic worldview, there are a wide variety of creative works, such as providing works to artists in Japan and overseas. In 2010, he was selected as the 33 -world costume jewelry brand in Fashion Jewelry Catwalk and Couture published by LaurenceKing in the UK. The collaboration series, which has been around since 2014, has a genderless and masculin impression of accessories that match the theme of each season.