Spring & Summer 2024 Men's Collection


John Lawrence Sullivan's Spring / Summer 2024 collection "Darkdence", which maximizes decadent and dark mood.

The first thing that grew up in the brain of the designer Arashi Yanagawa was the Sedlez ossuary located in the Czech Czech Kutner Hora, which visited in 2016. The scenery filled with human bones has a frozen cold air. Various inspiration, such as the Anzelm Keafer's artwork, the "Hill of the Cross" in Lithuania Shauray, is intertwined there and is sublimated into this collection.

The texture of each clothes was thoroughly particular. Bleach 黑 黑 黑 カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボWe can fully reproduce the tranquil -white color of human bones, rock walls and dried expressions of stones. The uneven textures found in Vegansade bomber jackets, lace shirts and hoodies, moaware jacquard fabric, etc. are also based on the collection theme. The graphics inspired by the cracked marble produced by Ahonen & Lamberg, a collaborator for many years, also add further depth to all collections.

YOSHIKO CREATION created an assassery that skillfully layout bones and crosses of various sizes and crosses, and also incorporates broken pearls that look like human bones. The feet are unified with black leather shoes, but are equipped with shoe accessories equipped with military boots, etc., making it a styling that resembles a psycho -boots and engineer boots everywhere. Furthermore, we collaborated with the eyewear brand "Lunetta Bada", which had swept the domestic fashion scene of the 1980s, and produced type 2 sunglasses. The "No.23 Sun" model worn by Kyobaya Shibata in "Dangerous Detective", and the "No.18 Sun" model worn by Koji Yoshikawa at the time of the debut single "Monica".